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"The very important piece that spearheads Movemental Ministries is LOVE. Not only the love for Christ, but setting the captive FREE with LOVE ."

Our Mission

Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Malik Kilpatrick is an ordained minister, motivational speaker, consultant, and certified character coach who values dedication, service, and excellence. As the understudy of his own life and its transformation, Kwame brings unique perspective gained from the battlefield experience to listeners, empowering them to un leash their untapped potential. Using real-world examples, Kwame sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to an organization or life experience must be embraced through good decision-making, empowerment, and character.


A father, husband, brother, and iconic thought leader of his time. Kwame was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. A graduate with honors from Florida A&M University. Kwame later went to Michigan State University Law School where he graduated and passed the Michigan Bar Exam the first time he took the test. At the age of twenty-six, he was elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives , then elected by his colleagues to be the leader of that body at 3- years old. At the age of thirty-one he was elected as the Mayor of Detroit.


While it has been written that resident leaders can sustain their energy level under pressure to cope with disruptive changes and adapt, Kwame’s resiliency was put to the test when he was faced with public scandal and imprisonment. When sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison and serving nearly eight, Kwame’s self-discovery and self-study would be one that would place him on a path of character development, spiritual growth, and preparation to be an effective change agent for organizations, institutions, and communities who are seeking sustainable behavioral and cultural change.


LaTicia Kilpatrick

LaTicia Maria Kilpatrick is an ordained minister, motivational speaker, consultant, counselor and servant-leader who values seeing the life & ministry of Christ heal, restore and make whole all who encounter or desire Him.  


Understanding what it means to be counted out after overcoming adversities, carrying a heart of compassion is her mission. Advocating for those who are underdogs, LaTicia brings a unique journey of her own life and its transformation from committing her life to hearing the prophetic voice of God- she is devoted to empower and serve through prayer and fellowship to help others find a new foundation in faith.


A daughter of Christ, wife, mother and prophetic voice (mouth-piece) for the outcast. LaTicia was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and attended Wayne State University before accepting the assignment of full time ministry. A curious and lifelong student of studying the word of God, LaTicia is the Founder of

L.I.L.L.Y. -(Life Is Learning Love Yourself.)

The mission of LILLY is transforming young women and men into their inner spirit of purpose.

LaTicia’s understands the true power and authority of Beauty In Salvation bringing forth the love, truth, justice and grace of God. Her insightful Kingdom perspective transforms corporate organizations, education, churches, nonprofits entrepreneurs, and the lives of all whom she encounters. After 20 years of ministry, LaTicia and husband Kwame Kilpatrick aligned with the will of God to launch together Movemental Ministries.



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